Paint Correction & Paint Chip Repair

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Superior Paint Correction & Paint Chip Repair Services in Brazoria County

Remove The Paint Imperfection and Reveal The Gloss

Are you tired of seeing swirls and light scratches on your car paint? Is your paint brand new but not looking as clear as it can be? Paint Correction is a labor-intensive process but with the correct technique and process D.W Automotive Details is able to remove surface defects, swirl marks, scratches, and water etching.
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Paint Enhancement

Starting at $295
Upgrade from our full exterior detail to a paint enhancement detail. Remove up to 60% of scratches and swirls without going "all in". This level of service does require more time and energy to achieve the proper result. This service utilizes a correction/finish polish in one step to achieve results amazing results.
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Level 1 Paint Correction

Starting at $475
This service offer 60%-80% removal of scratches and swirls and provides a true correction of the paint condition. This service is best paired with our ceramic coating, but if a ceramic coating is not warranted a sealant will be applied as default.
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Level 2 Paint Correction

Starting at $555
Our level 2 paint correction aims to remove 80%-90% of swirls and scratches from your paint. This service includes a cutting and polishing step to gain the most gloss possible. Depending on the condition of the paintwork, not all imperfection is removable, as some scratches are too deep or the clear coat is too thin. As default, this level of service comes with 1 year of protection with a sealant, but a ceramic coating is recommended with this level of service as it provides long-term protection and value for our customers.
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Paint Chip Repair

Paint chips are an exterior condition that start out as a minor annoyance but can turn into a much larger issue.

A paint job does more than define a vehicle - it protects it. Chipped paint can be caused by weather, harsh cleaners, and more. This type of damage can speed up the process of oxidation and rust a vehicle's exterior. This can impact both the appearance of a vehicle as well as its resale value.

Road rash, gravel, salt, sand, and debris can all lead to paint chips. This type of damage can take away from the look of a vehicle while decreasing value.

DW Automotive Details utilizes an advanced paint chip repair process to remove chips and scratches without sanding and repainting vehicles. This entire process is effective and non-intrusive. Often, paint
chip repairs can be performed the same day so no need to wait a week or more in a rental to get your vehicle back.
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Get Your Car Looking its Best!

Our experienced technicians use the highest-quality products and expert techniques to achieve amazing results that will make your car look better than new.
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What types of paint imperfections can D.W Automotive Details remove?
D.W Automotive Details can remove surface defects such as swirl marks, scratches, and water etching from your car paint using specialized paint correction techniques.

What is included in the Paint Enhancement service, and how effective is it?
The Paint Enhancement service starts at $295 and includes removing up to 60% of scratches and swirls. This service uses a correction/finish polish in one step to achieve significant improvement in the paint's appearance.

How does the Level 1 Paint Correction differ from the Paint Enhancement service?
The Level 1 Paint Correction, starting at $475, offers 60%-80% removal of scratches and swirls, providing a true correction of the paint condition. This service is best paired with a ceramic coating or a default sealant if the ceramic coating is not applied.

What can I expect from the Level 2 Paint Correction service?
The Level 2 Paint Correction, starting at $555, aims to remove 80%-90% of swirls and scratches. It includes both cutting and polishing steps and comes with a 1-year protection sealant by default. A ceramic coating is recommended for longer-term protection.

Are there any limitations to what paint correction services can achieve?
Yes, while D.W Automotive Details aims to remove most swirls and scratches, not all imperfections can be eliminated. Some scratches may be too deep, or the clear coat may be too thin to allow complete removal without compromising the paint.

What Causes Paint Chips in a Vehicle
Age, wear, and damage can all cause paint to chip on a vehicle. Gravel and road debris are two of the most common culprits. At higher speeds, the impact of these materials can chip a paint job. The larger the debris, the more likely it is to cause damage.

What are Smart Repairs?
Paint chip repair falls under the umbrella of Small to Medium Repair Techniques - or SMART repairs. This is the process of repairing localized vehicle damage with specialized tools, paint, and other materials.

SMART repairs are preferred for paint chips compared to body shop repairs. SMART repairs do not require the entire panel of a vehicle to be removed or repainted. This has significant savings in labor compared to a body shop repair.

Can I Repair a Paint Chip Myself?
This type of damage is best assigned to a professional with years of experience. Small paint chips can be repaired with touch up paint or a paint chip repair kit. However, the quality of the repair may be questionable. DIY repairs may not be as lasting, resulting in having to do the job over again.